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By: United to Beat Malaria Team

Second Annual Rick Reilly Award Goes To…

May 10, 2024

In honor of the 18th anniversary of the Nothing But Nets article, we are excited to announce United States Liability Insurance (USLI) as the winner of the second annual Rick Reilly Award. The Rick Reilly Award is awarded to a United to Beat Malaria fundraiser who has implemented innovative and bold community-based fundraisers.

USLI is our longest-standing corporate partner. Inspired by the original column in 2006, USLI has contributed over $418,000.00 to United to Beat Malaria to protect more than 128,000 people. USLI engages their employees, employees’ families, customers, and communities to join the fight against malaria in creative, fun, active, and impactful ways.

Some examples of their fundraising include fitness challenges and events, personal training sessions, Kids Camp, flower sales, and more. They strive to provide education to others alongside their fundraising efforts to make a true difference in our mission to beat malaria.

We hope you join us in celebrating USLI.

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