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By: Rick Reilly

Send a Net. Save a Life. See a Game.

June 15, 2017
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A few years ago I wrote a Sports Illustrated column that inspired the United Nations Foundation to create Nothing But Nets to fight malaria. In only three years, hundreds of thousands of supporters like YOU have raised nearly $30 million and sent close to three million nets to children, pregnant women, and refugees in Africa. Wow.

We’re saving lives!

This year Nothing But Nets has teamed up with the UN Refugee Agency to protect more than one million displaced families in Africa from malaria, the number one killer of refugees. Good news – we’re almost there! We need 160,000 nets before December 31, 2009 to reach our goal. To get us to the finish line, I’m going to match your donation – net for net – up to a total of $25,000.

Still not enough? How about a free-throw? To make the deal even sweeter, our partners at NBA Cares will throw in two free tickets to an NBA game for every $10 donation. Send a Net. Save a Life. See a Game.* That’s a full day, right?!

Seriously, refugees need nets, and need your help to get them — give the gift of life this holiday season and help Nothing But Nets drop the New Year’s Eve ball on malaria.

*Tickets are subject to availability

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