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By: Hayes Brown

Sending Nets and Saving Lives in Style

June 12, 2017
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We’ve had Nothing But Nets supporters help send nets and save lives in a lot of different ways over the years, but few have ever looked so stylish! We told you last year about Alexandra Taylor, a recent graduate from Parsons School of Design, who was caught up in spreading the buzz about malaria. She’s managed to bring her passion for fashion and for sending nets and saving lives together beautifully with her recently released line of scarves. The scarves, inspired by the beauty inherent in a bed net, premiered at a New York Fashion Week event and show last week, and were a big hit with the crowd there.

These scarves aren’t just for New York fashionistas! You can find Alexandra’s “A.T. for Nothing But Nets Campaign” collection on her website. With the purchase of each scarf, Alexandra will be donating $10 to Nothing But Nets. These scarves are certainly fierce and we’re so happy to have such creative supporters working to prevent malaria. Great work, Alexandra, and see you on the runway!

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