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By: Ruth Riley

Shaping up and saving lives!

June 19, 2017
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A big thanks to the 670 men, women and children who came out for the Silver Stars annual 5K run/walk for Nothing But Nets! As an athlete, I work out almost every day. However, it is rare to participate in an event where people are simultaneously working towards creating healthier individuals and a healthier world!

I met two adorable little boys who were participating in the race with their parents.  One of them noticed the mosquito on my “Buzzkill” t-shirt and informed me that he didn’t like mosquitoes. He went on to say, “Whenever I see a mosquito, I just hit him like this” (and starts slapping an imaginary mosquito on his arm). His mom seized the opportunity to inform him that they were at the race so they could provide nets for little boys his age over in Africa who are dying from a disease that is carried by mosquitoes. Although he was convinced that he could be a one-man mosquito-killing machine, he understood that children need nets so that they can be protected when they go to bed.

As I was walking around thanking people for their participation, a woman walked up to me and share that she was grateful that we were supporting this cause with the race.  She was there with a friend who survived malaria as a child.  Upon asking her where she was from, I was amazed to hear that she grew up in Iran.  Her story reminded me that malaria knows no race or region; that whether it is Africa, Iran, or the recent distribution in Burma, it is an indiscriminate assassin.  Yet, just as the disease holds no bias against the people it affects, the great news is that the solution also has no limits to who can contribute.  Thank you to every man, woman, boy and girl who “raced for nets” this weekend!

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