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By: Keely Solimene

Sharin’ the same net- The Chicago Sky and Chicago Catholic Schools

June 21, 2017
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At the UIC Pavillion in Chicago, Illinois in early September, the Chicago Sky and the Chicago Catholic Schools were aiming at the same net! Margaret Stender, the President and CEO of the Chicago Sky, introduced Nothing But Nets at the Celebrating Catholic Schools Conference. Speaking to Catholic school Superintendent Nicholas Wolsonovich, principals and teachers, Margaret explained that through the power of the net, they could all save lives.

She explained that for many of their students, whether playing with their hands or their feet, the net is a central beacon, a magnet and a target. Furthermore, she stated it is how teams keep score and declare victory. She asked the audience of 6,000 to be role models and inspire their students to get involved in Nothing But Nets, an accessible and inclusive grassroots effort. She ended by stating “Help us save lives and declare victory.”

The Catholic Schools Educators Celebration marked the first time that all educators from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, the second largest in the nation, gathered in one place to listen to the archbishop, Cardinal Francis George. For ten years of distinguished service to the Archdiocese of Chicago and his global ministry in the Catholic Church, Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., received a “Gift of Life” from students and educators who made a donation in his name to Nothing But Nets.

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