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By: Johnna Sundberg

Shooting For a Malaria Free World

June 8, 2017
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On November 30, the fifth-annual McLean Youth Basketball Nothing But Nets 3 on 3 Tournament brought together more than 350 people and raised $5,500 for nets! The tournament was open to all McLean Youth Basketball “house league” boys and girls from fourth to eighth grades. In total, there were 57 teams registered for the tournament and were divided into brackets based on age group. Each game was 15 minutes long and trophies were awarded to the teams that came in first and second place. 

In addition to fundraising for nets, the tournament also raised awareness among McLean youth about the fight against malaria. Kritika and Aaditya Singh from Malaria Free World set up an informational display at the tournament that taught participants about the disease.  

The tournament was primarily organized by McLean students Ellie Frank and Donny Sanders, and McLean Youth Basketball provided the referees, encouraged coaches to recruit players and teams, and purchased the trophies for the winning teams. Twenty-five additional volunteers staffed the tournament, including Nothing But Nets Champions Kevin Strickland and Jackson Merrick. 

Since McLean Youth Basketball began hosting the Nothing But Nets tournament, McLean youth have sent approximately 4,250 nets to Africa by raising more than $42,500!  Learn more about how you can join the fight against malaria by organizing your own 3 on 3 basketball tournament:

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