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By: Carolyn Commons

Sing. Dance. Create. ACT NOW! Here’s how…

June 8, 2017
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One of the most important aspects of the arts is its ability to change the world. Whether we’re talking about a work of art by Picasso, a song by The Beatles, or a musical like Rent, artists are a crucial part of our society; artists are unafraid to shine a light on tough issues and really call for global change through their work.

With that in mind, Camp Broadway is partnering with Nothing But Nets to encourage kids to sing, dance, create, and take ACTion to raise awareness about the global fight against malaria.  Creative kids can submit videos of their original work through May 9 at, and two submissions that receive the most votes will win a trip to New York City and a coveted spot in Camp Broadway’s July summer session, including a trip to see The Lion King on Broadway!

Back in October, Camp Broadway Founder Susan Lee joined the campaign to distribute bed nets to villages in Madagascar.  As fate would have it, also on that mission was Bonnie Stack, Communications Manager at Junior Chamber International (JCI)–another Nothing But Nets partner, and Camp Broadway alum!  In celebration of the collaboration, and to help inspire young people to take action and raise awareness for an important cause, we chatted with Bonnie about her time at Camp Broadway, her current work with JCI, and how kids everywhere can join a cause to create positive change. 

(And don’t forget to share your own work with us at!)

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