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By: Mariam Khan

Sinking Three-Pointers, Saving Lives

June 8, 2017
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This President’s Day weekend, Nothing But Nets will travel to Houston, Texas for the NBA All-Star Jam Session to cheer on our Champion Stephen Curry as he competes in the Foot Locker Three-Point Shootout!

Golden State Warrior Curry is having one of the best seasons of his life. Despite multiple ankle injuries, he has a 45-percent three-point shooting average. That’s amazing news for our friend Curry, for the Warriors, and for Nothing but Nets! In November 2012, Curry launched his Three for Three Challenge,  donating three life-saving bed nets to Nothing But Nets for every three-pointer he sinks this season .

So far Curry has made 147 three-pointers, which means 441 families across Africa will receive insecticide-treated bed nets to protect them from malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Not only is Curry making a difference, but he is urging fans and supporters of Nothing But Nets to join him in the fight against malaria. With Curry on a nearly record-breaking three-point hot streak this season, the time is perfect to join him in the Three for Three Challenge! Visit Curry’s Snoball page to give to Nothing But Nets every time he sinks a three:

Stephen Curry has been a dedicated Champion of Nothing But Nets for years, pledging to help prevent malaria since he helped lead Davidson College to victories in the NCAA tournament.

Will you be in Houston this weekend?  Nothing But Nets will have a booth at the Jam Session. Stop by to learn more about malaria—and meet Stephen Curry! We’ll have special guests stopping by all weekend and prizes for our new supporters!

Even if you won’t be in Houston, you can still help celebrate Stephen’s Three For Three Challenge by donating here!


Photo: Courtesy of Golden State Warriors

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