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By: Julie Willig

Skye Lounge Celebrators save lives on New Year’s Eve

June 15, 2017
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On New Year’s Eve, Nothing But Nets supporters gathered at Skye Lounge in Washington, DC, to put on their party hats, sound their noisemakers, and ring in 2010 with a purpose. This celebration was unique: it was the only party in the city where guests helped send nets and save lives simply by joining in on the fun!

Thanks to our friends at Skye Lounge, a portion of ticket sales were donated to Nothing But Nets to purchase long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets for refugees in need.

Residents of the Nation’s Capital came dressed in sequins and ties to celebrate the biggest night of the year, all while helping the Nothing But Nets campaign deliver 160,000 life-saving bed nets to protect refugees in Africa by New Year Eve.

Once again, we rolled out the orange carpet for our supporters and welcomed more than 200 guests to the party. It was a night of merriment, friendship, and hope. Decked out in my best dress, I had the pleasure of joining friends and colleagues at Skye Lounge, and together we toasted to a healthy and happy New Year.

We all wish for health and happiness each New Year; it’s a common thread around the world, demonstrating the similarities that unite us despite all our differences. The difference is that for me, a healthy year does not hinge on mosquitoes or bed nets. By a combination of luck and latitude, I don’t need to worry whether malaria will keep me from work, or if a family member will grow ill from a mosquito bite this year. But what about the mother in Uganda? Or the young refugee in Ethiopia?

In this interconnected world, the New Year is a time to remember our friends and those in need throughout the globe. If you didn’t have the opportunity to ring in the New Year with Nothing But Nets, it’s not too late. You can still send a net and save a life to start your year off right! It only costs $10, so raise a glass and let’s make a difference. Here’s to a malaria-free 2010!

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