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By: Liz Wing

Spiking the Ball to Fight Malaria

June 8, 2017
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This summer, a group of my friends and I raised money for Nothing But Nets while playing our favorite sport – volleyball.

I joined a recreation sand volleyball team with ten of my friends, and through the sports league ZogSports, we committed a portion of our registration fees to Nothing But Nets.

As the Senior Grassroots Officer for Nothing But Nets, I was thrilled that my team wanted to do this to help families at risk of malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa.  We may not have won many games, but we definitely saved lives!
This is just one example of how to join the fight against malaria as part of Team Bzzzkill.  There are all kinds of ways to be a part of Team Bzzzkill, whether it is donating proceeds from a marathon, selling handcrafted bracelets, or hosting a soccer tournament. If you’re raising awareness or funds to fight malaria, you are part of Team Bzzzkill.  

Click here to see more examples of Team Bzzzkill activities that some of our generous supporters have done.  If you are inspired, I urge you to take the Team Bzzzkill challenge

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