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By: Theresa Herget

Sports Zoolebrity Day

June 19, 2017
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Recently, Nothing But Nets and Orkin’s Fight the Bite campaign made a roar at Zoo Atlanta!  Orkin and Nothing But Nets teamed up to spread the word about mosquitoes and malaria prevention during Sports Zoolebrity Day – a day which featured members from Atlanta’s professional sports teams, including the Falcons, Dream and Georgia Tech’s men’s basketball team. 

Families attending Zoolebrity Day had the opportunity to meet and greet the athletes, and also learn about malaria!  Nothing But Nets and Orkin set up tables in the Orkin Children’s Zoo to educate zoo visitors about mosquitoes, malaria, and how easy it is to send a net and save a life.  Crowds of kids surrounded Orkin’s Ron Harrison to learn about where mosquitoes live, how they impact humans.  Ron also presented about how we all can make small changes to ensure fewer mosquitoes bother us, like cleaning up standing water.  He even had real mosquito larvae to show everyone! The fun continued with a Spread the Buzz trivia station where kids were challenged to correctly answer trivia questions about malaria. Every correct answer resulted in a cool prize – a Nothing But Nets sweatband.  By the end of the day, hundreds of children were armed with new sweatbands and new facts about mosquitoes and malaria prevention!

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