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By: Jenna Sauber

Spread the buzz this summer with our Social Networks contest

June 15, 2017
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Summertime is a wonderful opportunity to catch up with friends, family, and neighbors. During these hot summer days, why not spread the word about our cool Nothing But Nets campaign?

We’re spreading the word and asking you to help us recruit new supporters. The more people who know how easy it is to get involved and prevent malaria, the faster we can reach our goal of sending life-saving nets to refugees in Africa! And, you can stay up-to-date on the latest news and happenings.

Can you help us reach 5,000 fans on Facebook and 500 followers on Twitter? When we reach our goal, we’ll send a Nothing But Nets prize to one Facebook fan and one Twitter follower.

If you’re not a fan or follower yet – hurry up and add yourself to the list so you can be eligible for the prize!


Join our fanpage. We’ll be posting easy-to-send status updates to spread the word.


Follow us on Twitter and please retweet. You could be the lucky winner!

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