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By: Negin Janati

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June 14, 2017
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Last week, the Buzz Tour hit the Big Apple. We kicked off our week of loving NY at the NY Red Bulls soccer game, where thousands of fans showed their support for Nothing But Nets and the goal to end malaria deaths by 2015. A DJ, dancing Mozzie, “soccer skee ball,” and prizes meant pre-game fun for everyone! We were really happy that so many NY Red Bulls fans already knew about Nothing But Nets and had been sending nets and saving lives with their friends, schools, and soccer teams! Supporters like you are helping kick malaria out of Africa.

We spent the next couple of days spreading the buzz around the city so nice they named it twice — New York, New York. We went from Union Square to Times Square (on the subway!), and locals and tourists took more than a New York minute to learn about malaria, and how they can be a part of ending it forever. A lot of the tourists were excited to learn that lets anyone help from anywhere in the world.

We spent the rest of our time hanging with the students at NYU and Columbia. We spent a beautiful day on Columbia’s campus, where students were eager to join the fight against malaria. The next day was a busy one as we pulled our bus up to the NYU Street Fair in Washington Square Park where we met thousands of people, Mozzie played guitar, and the Buzz Tour became famous — twice! came by the street fair to help spread the buzz around the country, and later in the day when ABC News interviewed marvelous musician and Nothing But Nets champion Gavin DeGraw about how $10 can send a life-saving bed net to protect a family of four for up to five years.

Whew! No wonder it’s called the city that never sleeps — thanks New York for helping us make sure that those who do sleep, get to sleep safely under an insecticide-treated bed net.

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