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By: Nejla Routsong

Stephen Curry Sinks Threes, Send Nets and Saves Lives

June 9, 2017
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NBA star Stephen Curry is the kind of Nothing But Nets Champion who inspires us all to do more. The Golden State Warrior has supported the campaign since his days at Davidson College. Stephen Curry is so dedicated to protecting families from malaria that he has pledged to send three life-saving bed nets for every three-point shot he makes during the ’12-’13 season. That’s 47 three-pointers so far this season, which equals 141 bed nets to keep families in Africa safe. Track the progress of Stephen Curry’s Three-for-Three Challenge all season long sinking threes and sending nets!

But the good won’t stop there: Stephen Curry is hoping to create a “snowball effect” by challenging his fans to join his challenge and pledge to donate—whether that be $.10, $1 or $10- for every shot he makes from behind the arc this season.

At a Warriors game last month, Stephen Curry met with other Nothing But Nets Champions from the San Francisco Bay area, like 9-year-old swimmer Jordan Freer and East Bay high school student Troia Reyes-Stone, pictured at right. Friends of the campaign watched Stephen Curry help take down the Minnesota Timberwolves, proving that anyone—from basketball players to bishops—can join the fight against malaria. 

Stephen Curry is committed to the fight against malaria. Are you up to the Challenge? Make your Three-for-Three pledge today!

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