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By: Ross Lowry

Students get creative to save lives

June 14, 2017
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Here is a great story we received from one of our supporters, teacher Veronica Balogh:

On February 3, 2010, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students at Visintainer Middle School (Brunswick, OH) participated in “Stall the Teacher Day” to raise money for Nothing But Nets. At the beginning of each class period, students brought change to the teacher’s desk. He or she had to count all of the change before class could begin!

We had some teachers counting for quite a long time. Assistant Principal Eric Frei challenged the students to raise $500. If the students met their goal, Mr. Frei would shave his head in front of the student body. The students raised more than $1,100 in one day, and Mr. Frei made good on his promise and shaved his head in front of all the Visintainer students — as well as local news crews! 

Students from other Brunswick middle schools joined in to raise money for Nothing But Nets. Visintainer and Edwards Middle School boys and girls basketball players held a Shoot-A-Thon, which netted more than $1,700. Visintainer and Edwards joined with Willetts Middle School to donate a portion of the proceeds from the annual Blue-White basketball game, and held a half-court shot contest between basketball games to raise money.

Overall, the students and staffs were able to donate more than $3,100 to Nothing But Nets. Says Visintainer teacher Miss Veronica Balogh, “We appreciate the opportunity Nothing But Nets has given us to help our students see themselves as global citizens, and had tons of fun along the way!”

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