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By: Tyler Browning

SumiShield 50WG

March 1, 2018
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Since 2000, we have seen tremendous success in the fight against malaria, with nearly 7 million lives saved and an estimated 60 percent reduction in mortality rates. However, in 75 percent of countries with ongoing malaria transmission, resistance to at least one insecticide has been seen in malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Until very recently, only four classes of insecticide have been recommended for use in bed nets by the World Health Organization (WHO), which has identified the search for new compounds to combat insecticide resistance as a top priority in the fight against malaria.

Fortunately, positive developments in this fight are already being seen thanks to continuous efforts from the private sector. Nothing But Nets partner Sumitomo Chemical has developed an exciting new Indoor Residual Spray (IRS) called SumiShield50WG , which contains the insecticide clothianidin — the first new active ingredient recommended by WHO for use in IRS for nearly 40 years. SumiShield 50WG comes packaged in small lightweight sachets, meaning it can be easily transported, an important consideration when transporting insecticide to remote areas where malaria is endemic. SumiShield 50WG has a low toxicity in mammals and is odorless, making it a suitable for use in residential settings. Thus far, field trials in African and India have shown that SumiShield 50WG maintains its effectiveness for up to eight months (depending on the type of surface it is sprayed on) against the Anopheles mosquitoes that are responsible for transmitting malaria.

“Since developing Olyset Net — the first WHO-recommended long-lasting, insecticidal bednet – just as the Millennium Development Goals were adopted, Sumitomo Chemical has made clear our commitment to continuously develop new tools for the fight to end malaria,” said Ray Nishimoto, Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, Health & Crop Sciences Sector, Sumitomo Chemical. “Rotation of insecticides is known to be essential to combat insecticide resistance. With the launch of SumiShield, we are proud to provide a new active ingredient for vector control. and make our contribution toward the ambitious global goal of malaria elimination.”

In addition to their work around insecticide resistance Sumitomo Chemical Company’s partnership with Nothing But Nets, has provided 1.7M bed nets since its inception in 2015, ensuring the most vulnerable people are protected from malaria. Now, in its third year of partnership, Sumitomo has stepped up with a new commitment, that when matched with Nothing But Nets grassroots supporters’ contributions, will send nearly 630,000 bed nets to beneficiaries in the Western Hemisphere and sub-Saharan Africa, protecting approximately 1.2 million people.

With the development of SumiShield 50WG, Sumitomo Chemical has made an important advance and shown its commitment to continuing the progress that the global malaria community has made in the effort to end malaria for good.

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