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You’re invited: join us in DC!

January 9, 2019
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The annual Nothing But Nets Leadership Summit is coming up in March, and we want to see YOU there. Here are the top five reasons why you should attend our big event!

  1. Participate in the world’s largest global grassroots movement to end malaria. Each year, the Nothing But Nets Leadership Summit brings together hundreds of our most passionate champions, donors, and partners from all over the country. The Summit gives our supporters an opportunity to engage deeper in the fight against malaria and learn how to make an impact in their community.
  2. Gain valuable leadership and community organizing skills that can help you become an effective leader in your community. The Summit’s Sunday and Monday programming includes workshops and trainings that help attendees become better advocates and community organizers. These are valuable skills that can be used beyond the fight against malaria.
  3. Meet with your Members of Congress to discuss life-saving malaria prevention and elimination programs. On Tuesday, Summit attendees take to Capitol Hill for the Summit’s annual Advocacy Day. Attendees meet with their Senators and Representatives to emphasize the impact and critical importance of malaria programs like the President’s Malaria Initiative and the Global Fund to Fight Tuberculosis, HIV and Malaria.
  4. Hear from Nothing But Nets celebrity champions and spokespersons about how they’re inspiring others to join the fight against malaria. Among last year’s Summit speakers were Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly, actress Alexandra Daddario, and TV broadcaster/malaria survivor Charlie Webster.
  5. Celebrate the impact we’ve made! Our supporters call their members of Congress, host fundraisers, and make presentations to their classmates and congregations. The Summit is an opportunity to thank and recognize these incredible efforts, and to highlight the progress we’ve made towards global eradication. Together, we can end malaria within this generation!

If you’re interested in attending or to get additional information, please check out our Leadership Summit webpage or contact Max Antman at 202-415-9324;

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