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By: Amy Jensen

Swim a lap. Save a life.

June 14, 2017
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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a supporter event in Springfield, VA. One of our long-time youth supporters, Elisabeth Clymer, hosted a swim-a-thon at her local pool in support of Nothing But Nets™. There were swimmers of all ages who had received pledges for the amount of laps they would swim. Elisabeth also reached out to our friends at Orkin for additional sponsorship, and a masseuse was on hand to help the spectators relax and enjoy the warm summer morning. 

Once the swimming started, the laps started adding up. All together, the team, known as the Cobias, swam a total of 6,783 laps!  That adds up to over 105 miles! Once all of the pledges were counted, the Cobias had raised enough to send nearly 400 life-saving bed nets! It was an incredible event to attend and I felt lucky to see so much support for ending malaria deaths in Africa. Elisabeth’s hard work is an inspiration and a great example of what young people can do in their own communities to have a global impact. 

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