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By: Elisabeth Clymer

Swimming Laps to Save Lives

June 12, 2017
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A few weeks ago, the Cottontail Cobias Swim Team of Springfield, Virginia swam laps to save lives. The Cobias hosted their second annual swimathon for Nothing But Nets, an event everyone is eager to participate in. Ranging from 3-18 years old, the Cobias wanted to make a difference in the world and help other kids across the world. 

In total, the Cobias swam 8,838 lengths, 220,950 meters, or 137.291 miles – the distance from Springfield to Williamsburg, Virginia. Participants raised money through donations and pledges – enough to send nearly 500 bed nets to Cameroon. Since a bed net can protect a family of four, that means we’ve protected thousands of lives!

It was exciting and inspiring to see kids of all ages enthusiastic to save lives. Five-year-old Andrew Downham raised over $200, nine-year-old John Sierra raised $445, and nine-year-old Heidi Weston raised $253 by swimming and holding a lemonade stand. This was again proof that anyone can make a difference in the world. If a five-year-old can be a lifesaver, then so can you! 

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