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By: Chris Helfrich

Swish! Compete to Beat Malaria is a Slam Dunk

June 8, 2017
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Thanks to thousands of supporters like you, we met our World Malaria Day goal to send 25,000 bed nets! Every $10 raised means a family in Africa will sleep safely and soundly, knowing that they are protected from malaria.

Beyond donating, hundreds of supporters responded to our call to Compete to Beat Malaria by taking a sports challenge, organizing an event, or taking an advocacy action throughout April. 

The numbers are so incredible that I had to share them with you:


  •   75 events and challenges
  •   With more than 700 people taking action
  •   Across more than 20 states and the DRC, South Africa, and Australia
  •   140 actions asking members of Congress to support strong malaria funding 


We have another exciting challenge for you! The U.S. Senate just introduced a resolution in honor of World Malaria Day that highlights the commitment of the U.S. Government, our United Nations partners, and others in the global fight to defeat malaria. Strong U.S. leadership is critical so join us in our challenge to get a record number of co-sponsors and ensure that the resolution passes. 

Take two minutes to ask your Senators to co-sponsor and support the resolution. 

I’m so grateful for all you’ve done. But the work isn’t over yet. Together, we can defeat malaria. 

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