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By: Chris Helfrich

Take action today: Become a NETvocate

June 9, 2017
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Two years ago, a child died every 30 seconds from malaria. Now, it’s a child every 60 seconds. We’re making huge progress in the fight to end malaria — but just one death from a preventable disease is too many.

As a Nothing But Nets supporter, you’re doing your part. Thanks to your work spreading the buzz, sending nets, and saving lives, we’re getting closer to ending deaths from malaria than ever before. To continue making progress, we need commitment from supporters like you — and we also need commitment from governments, NGOs, corporations, and more.

That’s why we are asking you to do something different today: become a NETvocate.

Stand up and tell your government that you’re making the fight to end malaria a priority – and you want it to be their priority, too.

In the last decade, the U.S. has led the way in the movement to end malaria — from supporters like you to your elected officials. Thanks to innovative global partnerships, American efforts to fight malaria have been able to make significant progress, in a cost-effective way. Earlier this week, President Obama made his budget request to Congress and, like President Bush before him, the budget incorporated a strong commitment to ending deaths from malaria.

You might be wondering: Does my voice matter? Yes! What you care about is important to elected officials. When you speak up in support for global health programs that save lives from malaria, you can make a big difference – and just imagine the impact we could make if every Nothing But Nets supporter spoke up.

Send a letter to your Members of Congress and tell them you support funding to end deaths from malaria.

We’re not in the fight against malaria alone. From community health workers to scientists, world leaders to you, we’re all working together to end deaths from malaria by 2015.

You’re doing your part – now ask your Members of Congress to do theirs.

Thanks for taking your first action as a NETvocate!

P.S. – After you sign, help us spread the buzz. Tweet this: I sent a letter to Congress supporting funding the fight against #malaria. Join me and @nothingbutnets!

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