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By: Chris Helfrich

Team Bzzzkill Needs You

June 8, 2017
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Every day, I feel inspired by the great work that our supporters do on behalf of Nothing But Nets.

. Malaria kills. Bed nets save lives. Each $10 donation you make sends a bed net that can save a life. 

Thanks in part to Nothing But Nets, malaria deaths have dropped by more than a third in the past decade! I have had the privilege of meeting so many of the families in the communities that our nets help protect. Like you, those families just want to be safe and healthy. And your efforts are helping to make that happen.

The major strides we have made wouldn’t have been possible without our great network of supporters – the people we refer to here at Nothing But Nets headquarters as “Team Bzzzkill.”

From the individual who fundraises and sends money, to the factory worker who makes the nets, to our on-the-ground partners who deliver nets to families in need, to the mother who receives a net and can sleep soundly at night knowing her family is protected – we’re all in this fight together, and we’re all a part of Team Bzzzkill.

We are at a critical time in our work. It is more important than ever that we keep sending nets to save lives.  And even though malaria is about as serious as it gets, Team Bzzzkill can help and have some fun at the same time. That’s why we’re going to take a week this October to celebrate Team Bzzzkill, and issue our first Team Bzzzkill Challenge.

Sign up to do a Bzzzkill Challenge in October and join other champions like you participating in fun events while drawing attention to this critical issue.

Participating in the Team Bzzzkill Challenge is simple, and anyone, from students to CEOs, can make a difference.

Whether you are a star at knitting, soccer, scrapbooking, or sailing, we are asking supporters to do what they do best and use their talents as an opportunity to send nets and save lives.

One supporter hiked 100 miles to fundraise to send nets, while others have crafted and sold bracelets, and organized swim-a-thons. You can hold a soccer ball juggling contest, a basketball free-throw competition, attempt to pogo stick for an hour, host a Halloween party, or climb a mountain. Whatever you choose to do, have some fun and help send even more nets.

We’ll celebrate your challenge attempts in the month of October, and feature your stunts, dares, and feats all in the spirit of saving lives.

Want to get involved in the Team Bzzzkill Challenge? All you have to do is tell us – pledge to get involved today, and we’ll send the first 50 people who sign up one of our new Team Bzzzkill t-shirts.

I’m looking forward to seeing what awesome ideas you come up with to fundraise in the fight against malaria. Rally your friends, family, and neighbors to support your challenge and help you send nets. No effort is too small – sign up today!

Thank you again for everything you to do fight malaria.  With help from people like you and everyone in Team Bzzzkill, I’m confident we can end malaria deaths in our lifetime.

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