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By: Rick Reilly

Teaming Up for Tanzania

June 8, 2017
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A few years ago, I traveled to Nigeria with Nothing But Nets. I visited communities that had already received anti-malaria bed nets from Nothing But Nets campaign supporters like you. But I also met families that are still in need. The difference was like night and day. In the communities blanketed by bed nets, malaria is dramatically on the decline. There, I met happy, proud mothers and smiling, energetic children.

But in the other communities, the children didn’t run and play. They were too sick with the terrible fevers, headaches, and pains malaria causes. And their parents were sick with worry, always fearing that this could be the night their son or daughter got the mosquito bite that could kill them. Many had already lost a child to this horrific disease.

During that visit, I swore I would return to Africa and bring more life-saving nets provided by caring people like you. So that’s what I’m doing. On July 29, I’m going back – this time to Tanzania – and I want to deliver 10,000 bed nets to families in need.

But I can’t do it without you. I need your help. Every $10 you donate to Nothing But Nets right now ensures that I will deliver a net – and you will save a life.

Coming with me on this trip is NBA superstar Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. Steph knows a lot about nets. In addition to being one of the best basketball players in the world, he is also a Champion of Nothing But Nets. He and I are teaming up with good friends like you to cover communities across Sub-Saharan Africa with life-saving bed nets. If we put up enough nets in enough homes, we can save entire communities. If we cover the entire continent, we can finally end this deadly disease! That’s right – end it.

You give the nets, Stephen Curry and I take them to the homes that need them most. Now that’s a great team!

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