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By: Ruth Riley

Teaming up off the Court

June 21, 2017
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It is an exciting day when I get to combine two things that I am very passionate about: the WNBA and Nothing But Nets. During halftime of our game against the Mystics in Washington D.C. last week, Nakia Sanford of the Mystics and I were able to share some of our experiences in support of this effort to save lives by preventing malaria with the crowd.

As a spokesperson, it is not only my responsibility, but more importantly my privilege to share what I have learned and to encourage others to get involved. Although Nakia and I were battling it out on the court during the game, it was great to take a few minutes to talk about something that neutralized the competitiveness of our game.

You see, when it comes to fighting Malaria, we are all on the same team!

The best thing about getting involved with Nothing But Net is that you don’t have to be a professional athlete to join our team. You don’t even have to have a sweet jump shot!

Every contribution is significant . . . click here and join our team today!

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