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By: Kelly Herman

Teaming Up With Intuit in the Fight to Defeat Malaria

November 21, 2017
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Nothing But Nets is fortunate to have a dedicated supporter base in the Bay Area, due to Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors rich history with, and support of, our work; connections we have made over the course of the campaign; and most recently our exposure to the tech world with the use of virtual reality to amplify our story.

This fall we continued to build on our work in the Bay Area with Intuit, a business and financial software company based in Mountain View, CA, who featured Nothing But Nets as their highlighted charity during their monthly We Care Wednesday event. The event, which was made to mimic a professional basketball game, made the 100+ attendees feel like they were part of all the action in a fun and vibrant way, taking place on Intuit’s basketball court with music and stadium-style snacks.

Intuit has been a partner of Nothing But Nets for a year and a half raising awareness and funds around our work to defeat malaria. Every donation made on Intuit’s website during the We Care Wednesday event was matched by the company, and their partnership helped to highlight some of Nothing But Nets upcoming campaigns, like Gift a Net, the Nothing But Nets 2018 Leadership Summit, and World Malaria Day.

Following Intuit’s We Care Wednesday event Nothing But Nets had a presence at Sales Force’s DreamForce Conference, which convened an astonishing 180,000 individuals in San Francisco, the first week of November. At the conference, our campaign’s Senior Digital Producer spoke on a panel about our virtual reality film. And to supplement that discussion, Nothing But Nets hosted a Virtual Reality viewing station showcasing ‘Under the Net.’

Expanding on this traction, this coming Spring, Nothing But Nets is proud to be playing a role in Menlo School’s philanthropic focused week, where the Middle School will be educating their students on malaria, and donating a bed net on behalf of all of the children in the school.

Nothing But Nets looks forward to continuing to engage and build relationships with the Bay Area Community in the future.

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