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By: Rachel Henderson

Teaming Up with Major League Soccer to Beat Malaria

June 8, 2017
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Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Major League Soccer, rallying soccer fans to “Compete to Beat Malaria”. MLS is donating a $10 bed net to Nothing But Nets for every save made by a goalkeeper during regular-season games this month, and have asked soccer fans to donate to the campaign as well. 

World Malaria Day is this Friday, and all month long we’ve been convening our partners, local communities, schools, and individuals to take sports-related challenges, raising awareness, funds, and voices to fight malaria. We’ve seen so many incredible ideas and activities, including soccer and basketball tournaments, a nationwide juggle-a-thon, and 5K races. There’s still time to help us! This month, our goal is to send 25,000 insecticide-treated bed nets to families in sub-Saharan Africa.

MLS WORKS has been an official partner with Nothing But Nets since 2007. Together, we’ve engaged Major League Soccer fans, classrooms, and community leaders nationwide to raise awareness about malaria prevention. Many professional players have also been integrally involved.

Toronto FC star and MLS WORKS ambassador Dwayne De Rosario and retired MLS star Diego Gutierrez traveled with Nothing But Nets and its partners to Mali, Africa where they helped deliver 133,000 insecticide-treated bed nets to families in need. Retired MLS star Diego Gutierrez, who spent his career between Chicago and Kansas City, also traveled with us to Mali and to this day, continues to utilize his platform to engage MLS players and teams to get involved with Nothing But Nets and the fight against malaria. 

Help Nothing But Nets and MLS make more saves! Send a net. Save a life.

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