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By: Mark Goldberg

Ted Turner Responds to Ashton Kutcher, Really!

June 15, 2017
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Last night, Ashton Kutcher beat out CNN to become the first Twitter user to reach one million followers.  At stake was a pledge from the winner to donate 10,000 anti-malaria bed nets.
United Nations Foundation founder Ted Turner is quite pleased with the outcome.  Here is Ted Turner’s statement:

“I salute both Ashton Kutcher and CNN for causing a buzz about malaria, a leading killer of children and refugees in Africa.

Now, I challenge them to get those Twitter followers to double their pledge by joining Nothing But Nets. How does 100,000 people sound?

One of the reasons I started CNN was to open people’s eyes to the news of the world.  Bringing people together and helping them understand each other was a big first step, but now we can also get them to do something.

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