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By: Amy Jensen

Temple Youth Take on the NFTY Challenge in Los Angeles

June 8, 2017
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Last weekend, Nothing But Nets joined the North American Federation of Temple Youth at their convention in Los Angeles. In addition to stirring up some “buzz” about stopping malaria, the teens took on the challenge of bringing the message back to their home congregations! In partnership with the Union for Reform Judaism and the Religious Action Center, NFTY regions across the country will be reaching out to their members of Congress to encourage them to engage in the fight against malaria.

Even Mozzie the mosquito joined the fun, storming Universal Studios to get the convention attendees excited about Nothing But Nets! Our oversized, furry friend encouraged people to sign up to learn more about malaria, and urged them to fill out our advocacy cards on the spot. These cards will be delivered to Congress so we can show our elected officials that everyone—from teenagers to giant mosquitoes—can be a part of the movement to end malaria.

Want to be part of the NFTY Challenge? Check out and fill out the online action alert today! 

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