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By: Chris Helfrich

Ten Reasons to Add Nets to your Holiday Wish List

June 8, 2017
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This holiday season, consider asking your friends and family to Gift a Net on your behalf! Why should your loved ones Gift a Net with Nothing But Nets?  Check out and share these 10 reasons: 


1.    Bednets work. Malaria deaths are down nearly 50% since 2000!


2.    It’s a gift that will stand out, that your family and friends will truly remember.


3.    Your Gift a Net contribution today will be matched dollar-for-dollar, net-for-net, up to $25,000 by a generous donor. That means your gift goes twice as far, DOUBLING the number of nets you’re sending. But only from now until December 2, so you must act fast!


4.    Helping those in real need is what the holidays are all about.


5.    Our UN partners are extremely efficient at distributing nets to those who need them most, especially children and refugees.


6.    A $10 net protects more children’s lives than a $10 gift card.


7.    You can honor a loved one by donating in their name and we’ll send a card to inform them of your thoughtful gift.


8.    The card explains how an insecticide-treated net protects lives from this preventable disease (so you don’t have to).


9.    Nets last up to three years – so your gift will have a long-lasting impact.


10.  Because it can help save children’s lives (Is there a better reason?)


Gift a Net. Save a Life. And Happy Holidays from Nothing But Nets



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