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By: Jenna Sauber

Thank you for a great 2008 – On to 2009

June 16, 2017
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This has been an awesome year for Nothing But Nets – we can’t believe how much has happened! Every day, our team at the United Nations Foundation is amazed at how this campaign is able to make such a significant impact on the lives of children in Africa. And it’s all thanks to you – our partners and our supporters.  Check out some of our highlights from 2008:

  • Celebrated our two year anniversary of Nothing But Nets
  • Distributed over 1.5 million nets in Cote d’Ivoire and Central African Republic
  • Developed a new online game – Deliver the Net – which tens of thousands of people played
  • Appeared on The Colbert Report, CNN, and in the New York Times
  • Launched a new partnership with the UN Refugee Agency to send 275,000 bed nets to refugees in countries in eastern Africa
  • Held over 350 Nets Challenge events across the country around World Malaria Day

There are so many more achievements to highlight. Thank you for being part of a successful year and for helping us to raise awareness and funds to purchase and distribute life-saving bed nets.

And there’s more to come in 2009! We are headed to Boston and Seattle for the next Nothing But Nets city tours. World Malaria Day is around the corner on April 25. And there are new and exciting partnerships to help us spread the message that malaria kills and nets save lives. Stay tuned and visit in the coming weeks to see what’s next and find new ways to stay engaged in this important effort! Thanks again for your help in sending nets and saving lives!

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