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By: Chris Helfrich

Thank You For Raising Your Voice!

June 8, 2017
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Thank you!  Because of you, we reached our goal of sending 5,000 messages to Congress in support of important work to fight malaria. 

The United States has been a long-time leader in fighting malaria and helping families around the world stay healthy.  If we’re going to end malaria in this generation, we need Congress to ensure it stays that way, and your voice can make that happen
This campaign is built on people like you.  That is why we are creating fun, interactive ways for you to be involved in this important work.  Over the coming weeks, our new Senior Grassroots Officer Liz Wing will be putting together activities across the country to raise awareness and engage more individuals like you.  Join her at a basketball tournament, 5K challenge, campus event, or community gathering. 

Thanks again for your help in sending your voice to Congress!

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