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By: Amy Jensen

The Bush School’s Mosquito Marathon

June 9, 2017
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Students from The Bush School in Seattle, Washington know how to make a big impact by sending nets and saving lives! For the last several years, fifth graders there have participated in the Mosquito Marathon, pledging to walk and run to raise awareness about malaria and to encourage others to get involved in the issue. In the last five years, dozens of Bush School students have raised nearly $20,000 to send insecticide-treated bed nets to protect families in Africa from malaria! 

This year, over the course of six weeks, the students raised enough money to send 655 life-saving bed nets to help families in Africa sleep safely. They also walked a combined 2,460 miles — about the same distance from their school in Seattle to our office here in Washington, DC!

We have been especially honored over the years to meet these inspiring young people in person. This year, while the students were on a field trip to Washington, DC, they presented a GIANT check and talked about the all of their walking, running, and other hard work. We also visited The Bush School in 2010 during Nothing But Nets´nationwide Buzz Tour, where we worked with the students on their own turf. No matter where they are, the Bush School Blazers are hard at work sending nets and saving lives!

It has been a pleasure working with The Bush School over the years; we are so grateful for their hard work and dedication to ending malaria deaths in Africa. And we can’t wait to hear about their successes in the future!

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