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By: Julie Willig

Third-grade class leads school fundraiser for nets

June 15, 2017
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Everyone has the power to help save lives and the students of Kelsey Norman Elementary School know this better than anyone! Teacher and Nothing But Netssupporter Zach Holden brought the campaign to his third-grade class with resounding success this past school year after having read “Hate Mail from Cheerleaders” by Nothing But Nets Champion and inspiration Rick Reilly. Zach’s students were eager to try to raise awareness about malaria and challenged the entire school to raise funds for bed nets.

To begin their project, the students researched malaria, the United Nations, Nothing But Nets, and poverty in Africa, and then created an educational brochure on all they had learned. Deciding to engage their entire community, Zach’s students passed these brochures out not only to other students, but to local businesses and community members as well! They set fundraising goals, created innovative prizes (raise $75 and your teacher will dress in a costume!), and even made a PowerPoint presentation to encourage the school to raise funds for life-saving bed nets.

Zach turned the week-long fundraiser into an educational tool by having his third-graders count the money, record the data and track the amount collected on a chart outside each classroom. By the end of the week, the school had raised $1239.21 for Nothing But Nets! As Zach explained, “It is amazing that even during a difficult economic time our little elementary school could raise that much money to support such a noble cause.” See how easy it is to protect children from malaria?

At the end of every year, Zach Holden asks his class what they liked best about third grade. This year more than half of the students stated that helping fundraise for the Nothing But Nets campaign was their favorite! Well, Kelsey Norman students — it’s my favorite part of the year too! 

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