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By: Rachel Smith

Three months in and I’m inspired

June 9, 2017
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 I’m constantly inspired by my team, the rest of my UN Foundation colleagues, and the people I talk to each day who keep this campaign running: our Nothing But Nets supporters.

Whether you started sending nets after reading Rick Reilly’s Sports Illustrated column in 2006 or, like me, you’ve just come on board recently, one thing hasn’t changed — how easy it is to help. $10 sends a net and saves a life. This means truly anyone can become a Champion in the fight against malaria — from the kid with a lemonade stand, to the CEO who can make a 6-figure gift. Every donation counts towards our goal of covering a continent with life-saving nets. 

In five years, net by net, this campaign has made great strides in eliminating malaria deaths — and we’re not stopping until we reach the global goal of ending malaria deaths completely by 2015. As we mark our fifth anniversary, what better way to celebrate our previous successes than to send nets where they are most urgently needed? That’s why we’re working so hard to send 150,000 bed nets to protect refugee families in Kenya and Ethiopia as quickly as we can. 

Everyone different reasons for being inspired to give; I’ve already heard some incredible stories of everyday Champions. I’m looking forward to getting to know the many Nothing But Nets supporters from across the country and of all ages and backgrounds. To those of you I haven’t met yet, thank you for your support and I look forward to working together to help families across Africa.

Editor’s Note: For the 5-year anniversary of the Nothing But Nets campaign, we’ve asked our team to look back at their favorite moments of the last five years and will post their blogs here leading up to our anniversary on November 14th. Send us your Nothing But Nets story and we might feature you too! Did you miss yesterday’s blog post? Catch up here.

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