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By: Ginna Gutierrez

Treat a family

June 21, 2017
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For the cost of two bags of candy, you can send a net and save a life. For us, we sleep knowing that our three beautiful trick-or-treaters will sleep soundly on Halloween inside the safety of our own home. In Africa, parents do not have that same luxury. They do not have windows with screens protecting them from mosquitoes and from the weather. They go to bed every night not knowing if their children will be bitten by a mosquito exposing them to malaria. A simple bed net could prevent this terrible disease form reaching these innocent children. Diego and I are passionate about Nothing But Nets because we are blessed with health and we can provide safety for our babies. We believe that every parent should be given the opportunity to provide their family with just that! So, our family encourages your family to donate now and treat a family to the gift of life!

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