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By: Jenna Sauber

Usher talks to CNN about his work with Nothing But Nets

June 15, 2017
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We’re proud to have a partner like singer Usher Raymond for the UN Foundation and Nothing But Nets – he was recently inducted into the Boys and Girls Club of America Alumni Hall of Fame. Usher credits much of his success to the people in his life who supported him and helped him to reach his goals and follow his dreams.

And now, he’s excited to help us prevent malaria. In this CNN clip, Usher speaks about how he recently teamed up with our campaign to send bed nets. As he says, “It’s a small investment but a huge net payoff in the end.” Usher is all about paying it forward – and we are, too. Check back here to find out more about Usher’s work with the UN Foundation and Nothing But Nets and see how you can pay it forward by getting involved and send nets to save lives!

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