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By: Muriel van de Bilt

Using the Arts for Nets

June 8, 2017
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The Jack Jackter Intermediate School from Colchester, Connecticut is a Higher Order Thinking (HOT) School, aimed at developing global awareness and helping students to see how they can make a difference in the world. This year, the topic chosen by students and teachers was malaria and its impact in Africa.

On April 7th, the school hosted a kick-off assembly, and our champion Dr. Jamie Roach-Decker and renowned artist Ed Johnetta Miller spoke. Dr. Roach-Decker talked about her efforts for Nothing But Nets and Ms. Miller talked about her travels to, and experiences in, Africa.

After this great kick off, each grade will learn more about specific regions of Africa and how they are affected by malaria. With the help of Ms. Miller, each classroom will learn the art of collage, based on the colors and ideas of the students’ research on Africa. These collages, along with note cards designed by the kids, will be sold to raise funds for Nothing But Nets. Ms. Miller will also donate a quilt that will be raffled off for Nothing But Nets. Thank you to everyone at the Jack Jackter Intermediate School for all your efforts to raise awareness about malaria and we are excited to see how these collages and note cards come together!

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