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By: Amy Jensen

Veggies for Bed Nets

June 14, 2017
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Last summer, one of our supporters started a project that would last months and have a profound impact on herself, her community, and malaria prevention. Alexis Pearson, a Girl Scout from Detroit, began by converting an empty lot by her church into a great community garden. Alexis and her friends worked together to grow vegetables from scratch and sell them at her local farmers market. She also decided to donate the money they raised to an organization that worked in international development. But at first, she wasn’t sure which one to support.

It wasn’t until Alexis attended Usher’s Camp New Look that she learned about the UN Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign and how easy it is to send nets and save lives. After attending the camp, Alexis told her friends and community members about Nothing But Nets and sold even more vegetables. So, not only was she making a great impact on her local community, Alexis and her friends were also helping to send life-saving bed nets — 20 nets total! According to Alexis, “This summer was such a wonderful experience. I learned about malaria, I sold veggies, and I helped save lives!”

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