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By: Travis Moore

VH1 and Nothing But Nets Buzzing around New York City

June 21, 2017
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Here in the U.S. we’re fortunate—mosquitoes are just annoying. In Africa, mosquitoes kill, but $10 can save a life. This message will soon be hitting the airwaves as Nothing But Nets teams up with VH1 to create a public service announcement (PSA) to spread the word about how easy it is to send nets and save lives.

The star of our short spot is a giant mosquito—certain to get the attention of viewers. As he buzzed in the face of commuters and tourists in New York City last Thursday, people definitely took notice. He is joined in the PSA by comedians Sherrod Small, Laurie Kilmartin, and Chuck Nice from VH1’s Best Week Ever, who add some additional comic relief to the spot.

The day began outside VH1 studios in Times Square. Naturally, crowds gathered to see the filming and inquire as to why a guy was dressed in a giant mosquito suit. Nothing But Nets team members Amy DiElsi and Adeena Schlussel were on hand to answer questions and explain to onlookers how easy it is to send a net and save a life by donating just $10.

Later, we moved inside to the VH1 production offices, and the filming went far into the evening. Special thanks go out to the incredibly dedicated VH1 staff who organized the shoot, and will be working on post-production of the spot in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for a giant mosquito buzzing around a city near you, and stay tuned for updates and airtimes about the public service announcement in the fall…

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