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By: United to Beat Malaria

Voices from the Frontlines: Jean Robert Victor

October 28, 2020
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Having reduced Malaria cases by over 50% since 2010, Haiti’s commitment to malaria elimination has paid off. Financial commitments, political will, and empowered communities are propelling the country to be one step closer to complete malaria eradication every day.

Despite this nationwide progress in combatting malaria, some areas of the country are still struggling with elimination. Off the southern coast of Haiti in the Department of Grand’Anse, hard-to-reach communities face difficulties accessing adequate medical resources. This plus constant rain and standing water, makes Grand’Anse one of the most severe malaria hot spots in Haiti, with over 50% of the remaining malaria cases in the country.

Jean Robert Victor, a community health worker from the Grand’Anse Department, is dedicated to working at the frontline to protect his communities and citizens from malaria.

“Grand’Anse is one of Haiti’s departments whose malaria indicators are all red,” Jean explains. “Therefore, I’m exposed to malaria, and all of my fellow citizens are exposed as well. Consequently, I think it’s important for me to play a role in this effort to allow us to completely eradicate malaria or reduce malaria cases as much as possible.”

Jean believes that Haiti’s localized adaptation of the global malaria elimination strategies is working well for his communities.

“The methodology we’re using is truly adapted to the local context, in the way we approach the individuals, talk to them about the objectives of our work, and get them to understand the importance of our work,” Jean says.

Jean is confident and hopeful that together with hundreds of frontline health workers like himself, Haiti will win the battle against malaria very soon.

While great progress has been made against malaria in Haiti, the country has been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which set back Haiti’s original goal to eliminate malaria in 2020. From teachers, parents, and health workers like Jean, everyone has a role to play in ending malaria. Learn more about Haiti’s fight to end malaria here

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