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By: Ross Lowry

We are Sleeping Out Around the World!

June 14, 2017
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You know the Game Plan: you, me, and thousands of others around the world are going to Sleep Out to End Malaria this Saturday night! You’ve been sending us your Sleep Out plans from dance parties, concerts, camping trips, business conferences, church lock-ins, and university Sleep Outs, and we’ve adding them to the map. With five more days until World Malaria Day, we already have more than 55 Sleep Outs on five continents and in 21 states across the U.S. (See our Sleep Out map below!) Together we are sleeping out so others can sleep safely!

If you live in Los Angeles, Nashville, Seattle, Philadelphia, New York, or Washington, DC, then we want you to be part of history. Join us at a featured Sleep Out event on a college campus near you. Celebrities, rock bands, professional athletes, film producers, and students are all grabbing their symbolic net-scarf to Sleep Out with us and spread the buzz about malaria. You can be a part of the team!

As our Nothing But Nets supporters know, you don’t have to be famous to save a life. The Summitville United Methodist Church in Indiana is hosting a “Night of Nets” where the community will congregate around a campfire and display bed nets to watch the documentary “When the Night Comes.” When they wake up in the morning — on World Malaria Day — they will have a special worship celebration dedicated to raising awareness about malaria and then donate the collection funds to send nets and save lives with Nothing But Nets. Jennifer of Missouri is partnering with local mosquito control businesses and her fire department to have a night of saving lives. While Sleeping Out, participants will enjoy games, snacks, music, and a testimonial about Jennifer’s personal experience of dealing with malaria. For a $5 donation you can sleep in your sleeping bag, a $20 donation allows you to pitch a tent, and a $30 donation to Nothing But Nets means you can sleep under a display mosquito net. Check out the map below to see where the Sleep Outs are happening!

No matter if your Sleep Out is in California, Zimbabwe, or South Korea, just remember that you’re not alone. Thousands around the world are Sleeping Out with you, on the same night, for the same reason: to show world leaders that we care about ending malaria. We are united against malaria!

Click here to check out the details for the Sleep Outs!

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