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By: Danielle Garrahan

We team up with Real Salt Lake and the White House

June 14, 2017
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This week, Nothing But Nets™ teamed up with Major League Soccer’s Real Salt Lake to spread awareness about malaria. As the winner of last year’s MLS Cup, the soccer club met with President Obama today to receive his congratulations. 

Earlier in the week, the club co-hosted a malaria workshop with us on the Mall in front of the White House with local youth. The kids from DC Scores and the RSL Juniors soccer programs worked with Real Salt Lake players, Nothing But Nets™, and our friends at MLS W.O.R.K.S to perfect their soccer skills and learn how they can be part of the movement to send nets and save lives.

“Winning the MLS Cup was an incredible victory; we look forward to say the same about malaria in 5 years,” said Real Salt Lake player Robbie Russell. “To know that a child dies every 30 seconds from a preventable disease is hard to understand, but it’s easy to help. We’re excited to be part of building the movement to end malaria.”

The Nothing But Nets™  team was out in Salt Lake on May 29th for their game against the Kansas City Wizards and had a fun time talking to RSL fans about getting involved in malaria prevention. The team will also be hosting a charity night to raise money for bed nets on June 9th.  Real Salt Lake has proved to be a great champion both on and off the field!

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