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By: Meril Cullinan

We’ve got March Madness!

June 12, 2017
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We’re big basketball fans here at Nothing But Nets. Over the years, we’ve worked with some amazing fans and players of all levels, from elementary school players to the pros, and we know they’re passionate about nets!

So — you’re a basketball fan and you’ve filled out your March Madness bracket. What’s next? You’ll watch your favorite teams play with fellow fans. Why not join the millions of fans who have joined the movement to end malaria with Nothing But Nets?Here are a couple ideas on how you can get involved:

  • Host a basketball tournament to raise funds and awareness for malaria prevention
  • Put on a shoot out (and see how many of your baskets are “Nothing But Nets”!)
  • During your favorite team’s game, skip the half time show — instead, talk to your friends and family about malaria, Nothing But Nets, and how easy it is to get involved!
  • With your intramural or school team, start a NET-raiser team to raise funds and awareness together.

Send a net. Save a life. Together — with basketball fans and players of all ages, from all over the world — we can cover a continent!

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