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By: Katie Martin

Wellington students are saving lives

June 20, 2017
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In Columbus, OH, home of the Buckeye, The Wellington School (K-12) recently started a team for the Nothing But Nets campaign to raise funds for bed nets for people in Africa. Our goal is to get 200 people to donate – raising a total of $2000 for bed nets. If half of the students in our school spend the $10 that they would usually spend on a Friday night movie to instead send a net, then we would easily reach our goal of 400 nets!
As students, almost all of us with younger siblings, and absolutely all of us with mothers, we share a connection with the 3,000 children and pregnant mothers who die each day from malaria.  Every minute two people die from the disease.  This means that in the time that it takes us to go through a 42 minute class period, more than 84 children and pregnant mothers total have died from malaria.  Students at The Wellington School are dedicating to making a difference in this truth and saving lives from malaria! 

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