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By: Adrianna Logalbo

White House becomes Champion for malaria

June 15, 2017
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The celeb and non-profit worlds are still abuzz with recent commitments to fighting malaria, but now there are new Champions getting into the game.. Last week, the Obama administration announced a commitment to spend $63 billion over the next six years to fight global diseases and provide more aid for children’s health in developing countries. Read this statement commending the announcement from the UN Foundation’s Vice President of Global Health, Dr. Daniel Carucci.

This is great news for Nothing But Nets. Some of that money will be going towards malaria, and we are so excited to know that we’re not in this fight alone! We’ve seen in recent months that malaria prevention is a high priority for our government, as shown by President Obama’s statement on World Malaria Day and a congressional resolution to commemorate April 25. 

I’ve also gotten a chance to meet with malaria champions such as Congressman Donald Payne of New Jersey, and Congressman John Boozman of Arkansas to discuss opportunities to expand awareness and support for malaria prevention. It’s been really awesome getting to know all these different people who are ready to join our team and send nets to save lives. Mostly, it’s exciting seeing that more people want to help, and that our goal of covering Africa with bed nets is not so far off! 

The more MVPs and Champions we can gather for our cause, the better – don’t you think? And remember, it’s easy to make a difference as an individual, too! Just a $10 donation sends a net and saves a life.

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