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By: Jenna Sauber

Why you send nets & save lives

June 14, 2017
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The Nothing But Nets NET-work is hundreds of thousands of people strong – people who all joined for different reasons. Whatever the reason, we’re glad to have you as part of our team – united against malaria.

It doesn’t matter whether you joined us three years ago or yesterday, in Chicago, or in Pittsburgh – we’re all here for the same reason – to end malaria deaths by 2015.

We thought it would be fun to share why some our supporters around the world send nets and save lives. What’s your reason?

  • @corgtag04 on Twitter: I send nets because no one should have to get sick when two lunches out could save their life!
  • Julie Baccelli on Facebook: Because for such a simple contribution you can make a positive impact for such a preventable situation.
  • @kristiwooten on Twitter: Answer is easy — knowing that kids can get 500+ infectious bites in a year. 
  • Dwanna Roberts-Adnane on Facebook: $10=1 life … any way you do the math it all adds up.
  • Rafaella Gabriela Sasparilla on Facebook: Because if that were me, I’d sure hope someone would sacrifice a couple of lattes to save MY life!
  • Jennifer Briscoe Long on Facebook: I was diagnosed with malaria when I was four months pregnant. After a week in the hospital, medication and months of monitoring, our sweet baby boy, Jacob, was born perfectly healthy. As I held him that day, I cried for the 3,000 mommas who were holding their babies for the last time — simply because they live on the other side of the ocean. I formed our team, Jacob’s Ladder, and set a goal to raise $30,000 – one net in honor of each of those 3,000 kiddos. We’ve raised just over $20,000!
  • Jinan Barghouti on Facebook: I send nets because I hate mosquitoes.Saving lives is a huge plus.
  • Delinda Lombardo on Facebook: Because we can.
  • Melany Chalker on Facebook: Because I am a child of God and each of these nets represents another life saved, a life of one of my brothers or sisters. How can I not send nets?

You can join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter, or by sending us an email. And THANK YOU for sending nets and saving lives!

P.S. See some of the amazing work you have helped to accomplish in the last three years in the Nothing But Nets2010 Annual Report.

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