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By: Amy Jensen

Wiley Wildcats are Saving Lives!

June 8, 2017
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This February, I had the pleasure of attending Wiley College’s Ethical Student Leadership Conference in east Texas. While there, I educated the students about malaria and how they could get involved in the fight against this disease. As it turned out, they were already well on their way to sending hundreds of nets!

Before the conference, Wiley students and faculty had raised enough money to send more than 300 life-saving bed nets to families in Africa! Plus, the students filled out advocacy cards to let their elected officials know that they care about protecting families in Africa from malaria and want their elected officials in Washington to do their part.

These motivated students didn’t stop there. Over the next year, the Wiley Wildcats will challenge other historically black colleges and universities to join them in raising money  to send 14,000 nets. Wiley may be famous for their debate team, but there’s no debating that when it comes to saving lives, the Wildcats are hard at work!

Want to join the fight? You can contribute to Wiley College’s goal by donating to their NETraiser team today! Learn how to get your school involved at

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