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By: Meril Cullinan

World Malaria Day 2011: Be a Champion

June 12, 2017
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This World Malaria Day, we’re celebrating Champions in the fight against malaria! In Times Square, we’re showcasing Champions on the Toshiba big screen with this brand new video:

At United Nations headquarters in New York (and online here!), Nothing But Nets and the Roll Back Malaria partnership are highlighting some of the hundreds of thousands of Champions who are helping save lives by preventing malaria through a larger-than-life, interactive exhibit, featuring photos by world renowned artist Platon. The Champions to End Malaria Exhibit will be open to the public now through May 22nd — If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by and check it out!

Supporters around the world are coming together to send the life-saving bed nets that are necessary toward achieving the global goal of ending malaria by 2015. We’ve made tremendous progress against this deadly disease over the last five years, and we’ve got the facts to prove that nets are making a difference: in 11 African countries, there’s been over a 50% decrease in deaths from malaria.

This progress is impressive, and means that we can’t lose momentum now. While we may have turned back the clock so that a child doesn’t die every 30 seconds — but now, every 45 seconds — one child’s death from malaria is too many. In places like refugee camps in Liberia, families need nets, and we have to keep be Champions for them by raising awareness and by sending nets to save lives.

So — will YOU be a Champion?

As we’ve seen since the Nothing But Nets movement began in 2006, it doesn’t matter your faith, your politics, your location, your job — Anyone can be a Champion in the fight against malaria. All it takes is action!

Join us! Whether you’re:

  • Sending nets and saving lives;
  • Spreading the buzz with your friends on Facebook or Twitter;
  • Working on the science behind ending malaria in a lab;
  • Hosting events in your community to raise funds and awareness about malaria prevention;
  • Writing to your government about the need to fund malaria prevention programs;
  • Or finding even more new and creative ways to get involved in the movement to end malaria…

YOU can be a Champion.

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