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By: Wendy Dimas

World Mosquito Day is 2 days away!!!

August 18, 2020
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World Mosquito Day is 2 days away!!! Here are two quick actions you can take to raise your voice and do your part to protect the gains we’ve made in the fight to end malaria!

  • FIRST:  Click on this link to send a twitter message to your Members of Congress about the important work the Global Fund and the President’s Malaria Initiative are doing in the fight to defeat malaria and COVID-19.


  • SECOND: Add your name to this petition and amplify your voice in this fight! Remind Congress that both PMI and the Global Fund are adapting to defeat malaria and COVID-19.


Two easy steps and you will make an impact on the lives of people who are not just facing the battle against COVID-19 but also continue the daily fight against malaria.  Now more than ever, it’s important for the U.S. to lead the way in investing in global health systems.  Take 5 minutes and use your voice to make this message louder!

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