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By: Rick Reilly

You did it! Thank you

June 8, 2017
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You did it! You helped send 20,525 life-saving bed nets to families across sub-Saharan Africa in honor of World Malaria Day.

And just like I asked, you made me give until it hurt by meeting my matching gift challenge. Ponying up the full $20,000 is the best hit my wallet’s ever taken.

On behalf of children who will be protected from deadly malaria because of your generosity—THANK YOU!

Plus, you’ve given Nothing But Nets a big assist as the Cover Africa campaign tips off.

The insecticide-treated nets that you’re sending will do two things: protect the families that receive them and kill disease-carrying mosquitoes, slowing the spread of malaria. If we can hang enough nets in enough homes, we can stop malaria in entire communities—and eventually across the continent.

Working together, we can stop this terrible disease once and for all and give thousands of kids the chance to grow up healthy and strong.

I can’t tell you how much your generosity means to me and every family that will receive a net, thanks to you.

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